Codecademy : Learn HTML & CSS Easily

codecademyHere is a simple way to learn as a beginner (but as I say in the last article, there is a long way to be a programmer, don’t just feel satisfied in learning through Codecademy) so I can make it enjoy without any compulsions from teacher. Because, I think it will never being teached in any lectures. There are 3 parts in the left consist of Learn, Instructions and Report a Bug. In Learn part, we will be given some basic knowledge of every lesson (as in this picture, it tells about target attribute as a trigger to a link that we want). In Instructions part, we will be given an instructions about how to make something that has been told in Learn part (as in picture below).


After we input the code as Instructions given, then run the code. If there is no problem with the output (the right part), and there is a green check in Instructions part, so the mission is completed and you can continue to the next lesson. If there is some problem in Codecademy related with this lesson, you can report the bug through Report a Bug part.

Still ongoing 7% learning HTML >.<

With Codecademy, I can get knowledge from the outside viewpoint of lectures. The founder of Codecademy said that the education is broken by some purposes such as business by some companies that can disrupt the essence of learning. So, this lofty goals of Codecademy motivates me to learn code easily and comfortably.


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