To Be Hacker is Not As Easy As You Think

This title is under the article about “How I became HackerRank #1 in 2 hours”. It is about criticizing that to be a programmer there is a long way (experiences, practices and patiences).

Some stories said there is a way to mastering at Java programming in 3 months with such a boot camp (a places to learn code online). But as writer said, he had learnt Java code for 4 years but he still feel he cannot even close to be a master programmer. He said that Hacker Rank is only “teach” the basic Java features. There are no tests using an IDE such as JBoss. There are no tests with 100 lines of code even.

He shown his effort a simple way to be HackerRank #1, just copy and paste the code that has written in some discussion about HackerRank. He shown that HackerRank is buggy, not an effective way to learn best at programming.

The writer said that we must not easily believe that programming is as simple as 3 months learning. Programming is about how we think, so if we think programming is simple so we just became “a simple programmer”.

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  1. ffh berkata:

    Tdinya aq mau buat artikel yg jdulnya itu juga. Tpi untung wae aq gk sido pke iku.

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