Experience using Quora

Let’s try something new in using internet! Using Quora is a new experience and so lot of benefits. We can ask everything, anything, everytime always responded (just in English đŸ˜€ ). I interested in photography’s topic. The question is:

“What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?”

And so many various responses, some of them posted her baby, his ‘crowded city’ in Hong Kong, coffee, sunset, aurora, mountain and any other beautiful photography that I can learn from them.

I am on coffee photography’s opinion. As I like coffe, it always make my good day, with just one sip of my coffee. Ooh, it tastes so perfect! Just one place there is a cheap and tasteful coffee in Malang City, it is Kopi Jelata that placed in Merjosari.

It’s too much to tell about Quora, because there is always a new updated topic. Quora is just a place to share and tell our story, time by time.

Note : Quora’s founder is an Facebook employee so if we want to login Quora just login with Facebook account.


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