Diklat Sanggar Minat 24

Saturday and Sunday was my busiest day in this month. Diklat Sanggar Minat 24! This event is different before the day, assignment? It is a common part of college life! This is not about assignment. This is about how to make balance between both left and right brain.

When I study at computer science, I use left brain, and when I join Diklat Sanggar Minat 24, my right brain either used. Which part is difficult? Yes, when I use both brain to do some art perform. In Diklat Samin 24, we not just learned about arts, but we have to appreciated some arts of our team with logic statement.

Because I just only one of Diklat Samin 24’s member from computer science, I felt so helped because I can appreciate arts nicely. Yes, I am so interested with arts, especially aesthetic art. Because it combines philosophy of art and its application.

With this Diklat Samin 24, I can get many new friends from another faculty that so interested with arts too! 🙂


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