Experience with Duolingo

screenshot_2016-09-19-17-48-13.jpgHi, nice people! In this chance I will tell you about my new application just downloaded in this week, Duolingo. With green owl mascot, thiss app attracted me because its design and
its cute owl. When I began, I asked first by this app “how far is your English skill?” Followed by some questions about English. When I finished, Duolingo showed me that “You had mastered 28% English, keep going!”

How nice is this app! There is always some advices everyday for me to master the rest 72% English skills. The comments are always positive, never reprimand that cannot learn English. So adviceful! Every wrong answers that I have done, the questions is repeated again until I can do that questions.

This application is using XP as English experiences of user every day. So, as long as I’m active to take lhe lesson, more XP will be get. This app persuades me to always actively every day with some notifications. And more XP that user get, there is some prizes like the Duolingo (green owl) will be using Golden Jacket! It is a sign that user have do it perfectly!

Now with this app, I can learn English without some enforcements. Because, language is habit. We cannot force the habit, we have to do it continuously.

Happy learn with Duolingo!


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