Etiquette in Technology


Nowadays, we are always involving technology in every aspects. It cannot be denied because technology has become a civilization needs. Do you want to having international communication? Just use Skype, it could even be made to video call so you can see the real face of your communicant. Do you want to share your event photos? Just upload your photos on Instagram, so you can show the world about your event, and so on.

But, there is some unwritten rules to use technology, it usually called etiquette in technology. Here is some example of etiquette in technology.

  1. The simple one’s when we join WhatsApp group, and you are disturbed by the thousand chats in notifications. You just want to decided to out from that group. Don’t leave it without the other members’ permission. It can harm some member that already know you.
  2. Don’t send some sentence offending ethnic, race and religion in WhatsApp group, Facebook group and another group that are universal. It can harm some member that not having same principle with you.
  3. Don’t quit a social network just because your mom joins.
  4. If you put your phone on vibrate, it must remain in your pocket, because if it’s on a table it will cause a tremor that disturbing some people.
  5. Don’t use headset when you’re talking to someone. It’s not appropiate.
  6. You are what you tweet or post. People make judgments based on what they see and every post matters. Read through your stream and ensure it reflects your character.
  7. Keep your friend’s privacy. When you got some information that privacy, and you have responsibility to keep that privacy, just don’t share it.
  8. Don’t use cellphone when you’re driving, some accident caused by it. You should step aside the street first if the call of the messages is urgent.

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