Promote Indonesian Culture, BEM-FT Ready to Present Nalaparunggi

Monday (8/15), Chief Organizer of PKKMB Technical Faculty, Niki Priarsa Viki Yonanda said that Technical Faculty was ready to present their new program for new students that have a theme : love your Indonesian culture, Nalaparunggi.

This event will be held for three days, from Thursday (8/18) until Saturday (8/20) placed in Graha Cakrawala (Cakrawala Hall). As a surprise, Niki, as CO, will not tell anything about this event. He just explained that Nalaparunggi is one of the famous Nusantara’s kingdom so with that name, new students can love Indonesian culture. Niki emphasize that this event will be proscribing bullying.

New students will be called Ksatria Nalaparunggi, that having purpose to be have wise warrior soul, helpful to each other, and responsible.

“Teknik? METAL!!” as identity of Technical Faculty would be yell in every part of event.


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