Hi, guys! It has been a long time since high school I was never writing something in English. Just because it’s assingnment from Mr. Jauhar, I will do it happily.

My name is Muhammad Bahauddin Alfan, you can call me Didin, Udin, Mbah (this is abbreviation of Muhammad Bahauddin). I am 18 years old, and all of new stories has begun in this age.

It was my pride to be a part of ‘agent of change’ computer science student in State University of Malang. I had done big struggle to get passed in this college test. Yes, I’ve failed in SBMPTN but I never surrender in this fate, I tried the ‘Mandiri’ test and thank god I passed in this test!

In this university, I learnt many experiences, such as orientation programme in UM proscribed bullying for the new student. Because it can make new student afraid and have a bad interpersonal communication with the elder students.

Especially for Technical Faculty, there is a Development Programme from Executive Council of Student of Technical Faculty. In this programme, we should know every lecturers and students of Technical Faculty by making Student Book. It contains column of photos and column of bios. So we should fill it until all of 1130 students in Technical Faculty, and we were given signature column of lecturers as second assingnment. We should fill it too with every signatures of lecturers so then we know all of lecturers, staffs and laborants.

In computer science class, we were given chances to write scientific work to be competed in national scale. I was so pumped with this chance, I like competiting so I have to make this big chance. Goes to PIMNAS, it is my motivation in this university.



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