Experience at BRAVO VIEC

Yeah, i’d like to tell you about our experience at BRAVO VIEC. We, 7&8 RMBI student went to BRAVO VIEC on 2nd January 2012. This was one of the best moment in our life. Many new knowledge we get there. The teachers were very funny, especially I like Mr. Vicky. And I have one new friend in my room, he also studied there, his name is Rizky. You can click it if you want to know his facebook. And also I have one friend from American, his name is Mr. David. Click this (His Facebook). Here are our activity at BRAVO VIEC :

At 4, we were getting up and take a ritual ablution and then praying. After that, Mr. Vicky presented his speech. The topic is “How To Be A Success Man In The World And Hereafter”. And at 6, we were doing conversation with friends and Mr. David. Sometimes, I can’t listen what Mr. David speaks. His speaks was too fast I think. And at 7, we have breakfast with many kinds of dishes. Such as soup, corn omelette, cap jay, and so on. And at 8, we was jogging around Bululawang. And also playing soccer with Mr. David in Bululawang field. At 10, we was preparing for learn in class untill 11. At 12, we was doing prayer and then refreshing. At 15, we were doing prayer and then learning again. At 18, we were praying and reading Holy Qur’an. At 19, we praying again and then learning again. Yeah, always learning. This is our life 🙂 . We were doing that activities in two weeks respectively. And the closing progran was doing on Saturday, 14th January 2012. We shown our choir with “We Are The World” song in closing program. We always miss you, Mr David and the teachers,..


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    It’s so CUCOKK

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